ronsingingAbout Ronald James Sorenson and Americanism

Ronald James Sorneson is succeeding in his campaign to have our legislators recognize the MIA – OON flag as the official world flag for all victims, whether military or civilian, of terrorist attacks. This past September, Rhode Island’s Governor Donald Carcieri announced that the MIA-OON flag would fly over the state’s capital “to show the world that we will always remember 9/11 and the brave patriots we lost that day.” More recently, Ron James presented the MIA-OON flag to Governor Jon Corzine of New Jersey and subsequently to former Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York.

As a U.S. Marine veteran, Sorenson has devoted himself to activist causes. Over a twenty year span, he has forthrightly defended the rights of labor union members, veterans, the disabled, firefighters, law enforcement, EMC personnel and others. Notably, he has long served on the Animal Studies Subcommittee overseeing animal research at the Veteran’s Affairs’ Medical Center in the Bronx.

Now Sorenson is on the march towards his most important goal. He is seeking the support of all our state governors, state senators as well as state assembly and house members to have the MIA-OON flag flown for 30 days once a year at around the 9/11 date at every state capital and Washington D.C. Flying the MIA-OON flag over their respective state capitals represents an unparallel opportunity for legislators at every level to vividly demonstrate their support for the families of terrorism victims and all those afflicted by illnesses related to 9/11.

boxingteamThe Fighting Spirit of Ronald James Sorenson

One evening in 1958, a boxing team from the U. S. Marines stationed in Iwakuni, Japan took on a team of Japanese boxers representing a local college. In the most exciting match of the night, a youthful Ronald James Sorenson waged a furious attack against a skillful and resilient Japanese strategist. It was a classic confrontation between two bantamweights with opposite styles – pitting Sorenson’s relentless punching power against his opponent’s cagey defensive tactics and counter punching. Sorenson managed to send his opponent to the canvas and continued to batter him, winning the decision handily. This was one match among many during Sorenson’s service as a U.S. Marine and as an amateur boxer in the Golden Gloves and many other occasions.

Tribute Paid to Ron James as “Intrepid Defender of the American Flag”

  • In Congressional Record June 14, 1994
  • First Tribute paid October 20th 1998
  • Second Tribute, October 16th 2002
  • Catalyst for the Universal Veterans Identification. New York State Vehicle Department (licensing). Became law in 2003
  • U.S. Presidents letter, thanking Ron James Sorenson for all that he has done to promote the Flag Protection Amendment.


  • Honored by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, New York City, for Ron James recognition of honoring Iwo Jima Marines. February 11, 1995.
  • American Legion Recognition, New York Sate, 1994 and American Legion National Recognition, 1998 for Flag Protection Amendment
  • Received the Challenge Coin from the Chief Justice of Rhode Island, Major General Frank J. Williams, Judge Advocate at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
  • Americanism Award, Westchester American Legion, 54th Americanism Annual Award, 2004
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by New York City Council Member Oliver Koppel for Flag Protection Amendment and veterans issues, 2004.
  • Received Governor’s Proclamation of Honor, State of New Jersey, 2004 for the flag Protection Amendment.
  • Recognition, placed in stone at Korean War Memorial, Providence, Rhode Island as the Intrepid Defender of the American Flag, 2004.
  • Recognized by the Veterans Affairs Chairman, Ronald Tocci, State of New York, 1993 for his walk from the Bronx to Albany for the Flag Protection Resolution, State of New York.

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