Ronald James Sorenson Articles

Proclamation by Former NJ Governor James McGreevey, Ron James Intrepid Defender of American Flag

US Citizens Alliance Publication | February 2006, Vet Heads to TX to Protest Anti-War Mom

Westchester Legionnaire | May/June 2004, Ron James Sorenson to Receive 54th Annual Americanism Award

Street News | November 2003, EMS Demands Inclusion to Fallen Heroes Flag Act

Iron Bikers News | November 2002, Cuckoo’s Nest, Live at The Bronx VA Hospital

Westchester Legionnaire | July/August 2002, The Odyssey Continues, Ron Rolls Out Big Guns in Support of the Flag

The Legislative Gazette | June 17, 2002, Flag Supporters rally at Capitol

Uniformed Firefighters Association | February 2002, Communication Bulletin Local 94

Times Herald Record | February 23, 2002, ‘Don’t Burn our Flag,’ demonstrators say

Westchester Legionnaire | November 2001, Vigil at Bronx VA Medical Center

Westchester Legionnaire September 2001, An Odyssey for Flag and Country

Poughkeepsie Journal | Vet heads flag protection rally. Bill would make flag desecration illegal

Bronx Times | October 12, 2000 | Clinton first to Fly POW/MIA Flag

Westchester Legionnaire | September 2000, Some Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Iron Biker News | July 2000, VA Medical Care Focus of Rally at Capital Building

Iron Biker News | December 1999, National Rally of Better Care in VA Hospitals

Westchester Legionnaire | May 1999, Does a Grateful Nation Remember?

Daily News | April 1999, Legend Lives On, Celebs, fans recall hero and man

Congressional Record | October 16, 1998, Saluting Ron James Intrepid Defender of American Flag

Legislative Gazette | Former Marine says Military ID Card Should Count

New York City Streets | April 28, 1997, Photo of Ron James Sorenson delivering Flag to Washington DC

The National Tribune | Jan 13-19, 1997, Stars and Stripes: Healthcare

Veteran’s Day Parade – November 11, 1995, Image of the Protect the American Flag Float

Congressional Record | June, 14, 1994, Four New Yorkers Walk From New York City to Washington to Support…AntiFlag desecration amendment

Ronald James Sorenson Sings Star Spangled Banner

Pat Brady Photo and Letter