monumentHistory of the MIA-OON Flag

To win our battle against terrorism, the image we need to keep uppermost in our collective consciousness is the tragic cost of terrorism in terms of human lives. To seal this image in our hearts and minds, Ronald James Sorenson, Executive Director of the United States Citizens Alliance, created a unique flag entitled “MIA – OON” which stands for “Missing in Attack On Our Nation” with the added words “You will always be remembered.”

What the Colors Represent

The flag represents our appreciation of the horror of terrorism and our resolve to eradicate it from our world. The yellow color stands for the hope that those taken by terrorist attacks will be returned to their loved ones while the black color honors those who have died. An image of a mother holding a child’s hand symbolize the vulnerability of innocent to a terrorist attack.

Where it has Flown

The MIA-OON flag has been flown at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait. It has been presented to the likes of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. The flag was also presented to Captain Michael Hawley of the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Wasp and flown on the yardarm as the carrier left New York harbor. Retired Marine Corps General Peter Pace has praised “The flag you (Ron James) created to honor all victims of terrorism. What a heartwarming way to pay tribute to them.”

Available for Speaking Engagements

I am Ronald James Sorenson, Executive Director of the United States Citizen Alliance. I have been recognized by the US Congress as the “Intrepid Defender of the American Flag” for my work to support the American Flag Protection Amendment.

The USCA are a non-profit that donates MIA-OON Flags to victims of terrorism, both military and civilian.

I would like to speak to the members of your organization of our goals. We meet with members of state legislatures to get bills passed to fly the MIA-OON Flag over each state capitol, such as it flies in Rhode Island to remember 9/11.

People are losing interest in remembering 9/11 but the amputees that we have met Walter Reed cannot forget. At a time when we will probably send 40,000 more troops into Afghanistan, it is essential that the citizens who remain at home honor our troops’ heroic efforts.

The MIA-OON Flag has flown at Ground Zero and in Afghanistan with the 10th Mountain Division.

Show Your Support!

Buy one of our pins today! All profits go towards donating MIA-OON Flags for wounded warriors or others affected by terrorist attacks.

More Information

For more information, please call Ron James Sorenson at 718-933-1576. Or write him at: Ronald James Sorenson, National Executive Director, United States Citizens Alliance, 1767 Central Park Avenue, Suite 276, Yonkers, New York 10710. Alternatively, you may call representative Kenneth Carter, Chairperson of the House Veterans Committee of Rhode Island at 401-222-2933.