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When terrorism strikes, the innocent perish.

But their memory must never perish.

That’s why Ron James Sorenson created a special flag that honors the victims of terrorism. It’s entitled “MIA-OON” which stands for “Missing in Attack On Our Nation” with the added words “You will always be remembered.” Now it’s time for legislators throughout the U.S. to make this flag the official anti-terrorism flag for all people everywhere. Rhode Island has led the way by flying this unique flag over the state’s capitol.

Join the many patriotic Americans who have supported the MIA-OON Flag by giving a donation:

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Your donation will support the distribution, communication and transportation costs of the MIA-OON flag. It is our mission to have this flag flying in the 50 states. We also want to donate a flag to every one who has survived a terrorist attack while serving in the US Armed Forces – to honor those in your neighborhood.