Intrepid Defender PinRonald James Sorenson is recognized by the US Congress as the “Intrepid Defender of the American Flag” for his work to support the American Flag Protection Amendment.

The story behind the pin:

Rep. Gerald B.H. Solomon said “Mr. Speaker, I would like to take this opportunity as we come to the close of the 105th Congress, to recognize a man who has been so instrumental in efforts to protect the eternal symbol of our great nation–the American Flag. That man is Ron James.


Photo of the Actual “Intrepid Defender” Pin.

Those of us ingrained in the fight to enact the constitutional amendment prohibiting the physical desecration of the American Flag identify Ron James, who we also know as Ronald J. Sorenson, as a true patriot. Ron has devoted countless volunteer hours to promoting the amendment that will return the right of the American people to protect the American Flag–the perennial symbol of American ideals and the countless sacrifices that have been made in securing them. A former Marine, Ron has extended his service to his country well beyond his time in the armed services. His actions on behalf of all veterans and in support of protecting the American flag are truly commendable.

Mr. Speaker, I invite all Members to join me in paying tribute to Ron James, a true American patriot.”

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