The MIA-OON flag has already been flown unofficially over the state capitol of Rhode Island on 9/11/07 and now legislation is in motion what will make this an official tradition for the state. At the same time, legislation designed to allow New York State to also officially fly the MIA-OON flag over its state capitol is moving through the New York State Assembly (Bill A10174) and the New York State Senate. These actions are setting the stage for all 50 U.S. states to also officially fly the MIA-OON flag over their state capitols. Notably, support for the MIA-OON flag from the Operating Engineers Union (Local 138) of Long Island, spearheaded by William and John Duffy, has played a vital role in promoting legislation.

At right, Rhode Island Representative Kenneth Carter, Chairman, House Veterans Affairs, presents Ronald James Sorenson with a resolution honoring him “for providing the flag that was flown over Rhode Island State Capitol in honor of the 9/11 commemoration on 9/11/07 and urging all state legislators to make the MIA-OON flag the official anti-terrorism flag.”

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